In order for a Christian website to qualify for the index, it must meet the following criteria:

(1) Its content must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith. (Although we do, on occasion, allow content that may disagree with our Statement of Faith in some of the non-essential issues.)

(2) It must present well-written Christian information in an organized format.

(3) Its primary focus must be on ministry, not selling products.

(4) It must be designed well, with not an excessive number of errors/malfunctions.

(5) It must not be overly political. While the SeekFind search index does contain some political content, as many of the sites we index include articles on political issues, we do not include websites that are primarily political in nature.

It is not the goal of to index every Christian website on the internet. It is not even our goal to index every Christian website that is in full agreement with our Statement of Faith. Our mission is to create an index of quality, biblically-based Christian information for believers in Christ to use for research, apologetics, counseling, and personal edification. Our index is primarily comprised of websites that focus on:

(1) Answers to frequently asked spiritually-related questions.

(2) Apologetics – the defense of the Christian faith.

(3) Biblical and theological research.

(4) Biblically-based counseling on life’s issues and decisions.

(5) Tools for spiritual enrichment and discipleship.

In addition, we enforce the following restrictions in regards to what sites may be included in our index:

(1) Due to their "uncontrollable" nature, we do not index forums, blogs, bulletin/message boards, or social networking sites.

(2) We do not index websites for local Christian churches unless the site contains significant content relevant for the Body of Christ at large.

(3) In order to give smaller sites equal opportunity and representation in our index, we do not spider more than 10,000 pages on any particular website.

(4) We only index websites that are their own domain. We do not index sub-domains or sub-directories of multi-user websites.

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